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Knox is a family owned business with headquarters and manufacturing facilities based in the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, UK.

Knox specialise in the design and manufacturing of innovative body armour and apparel, mainly for motorcycling but increasingly for other adrenalin sports too, like stunt riding, MTB, snow sports, and even equestrian.
They began in 1981 when their founder who still leads the business today, Geoff Travell, was a young British motorcycle racer and body armour just didn’t exist.
It’s a great and true story…

These days the company still focuses on what it does best; body armour, gloves and apparel. We are a dedicated and hardworking team, passionate about making great products that protect and enhance motorcycle riding. That dedication permeates throughout the company from management, design and R & D, production and operations, through to sales, marketing and distribution of the collection.

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